Road widener


Material hopper width: 3200 mm 2900 mm
Paved material aggregate, breakstone, gravel, reclaimed asphalt pavement, dry concrete, and hot bituminous concrete
Paved layer width: variable adjustment 0 ÷ 1,500 mm
optional 0 ÷ 2,000 mm
Paved layer height: -/+300 mm from the grade, variable adjustment
Layer gradient: +/- 10% variable adjustment
Layer geometry adjustment: hydraulic, operator station
Spreading speed: up to 50 m / min
Spreading capacity: up to 300 t/h
Dimensions and weight:
Maximum working dimensions: 2.820 x 4.970 mm 2.820 x 4.670 mm
Transport dimensions: 2.350 x 3.400 mm 2.150 x 3.400 mm
Height: 1.890 mm 1.890 mm
Weight: 2.610 kg 2.505 kg

Intended use

HYDROG Road Wideners are intended for high efficiency paving with aggregate, breakstone, gravel, dry concrete, and hot asphalt. These machines significantly increase productivity in comparison with the manual paving or using graders. A team of 3 workers is able to pave several kilometres of the road shoulder within a single shift. The aesthetics of the paved shoulder is incomparable.
One HYDROG road widener can be used with many different carriers using of replaceable adapter plates.
Working units of the DG-1500 are independent from the carrier.

The best road widener available*

Paving with cold materials (aggregate, breakstone, reclaimed asphalt pavement, concrete for stabilization) and hot asphalt up to 200 °C
Paving output: 6-12 km/day
Carriers: loaders, backhoe loaders, tractors, graders, Unimog etc.
Replaceable adapter plates for different carriers.
* according to over 170 local and foreign construction companies

High efficiency = time and money savings

Paving width with hydraulic adjustment and extension units
Hydraulically adjusted gradient
Paving depth with hydraulic adjustment - up to 300 mm below the road level
Possibility of paving above the road level
Paving behind the curb

Protection against pressing by the dump truck box

Variable storage hopper geometry
At contact with the dump truck, front wall is lowered hydraulically
Hopper with enough space for various tipper bodies
Front wall lifted hydraulically after tipper departure
Suitable to any tipper type

Durable solid tyres

4 pcs, large diameter double wheels with solid tyres
The wheels are strong enough to transport the weight several times greater than the machine weight with material
16 ton wheel load rating
A special shape of forks ensures the correct wheel positioning on uneven surfaces

High power diesel engine

26 HP
Perkins diesel engine - 3 cylinder

High power provides efficient operation even while paving of heavy hot asphalt
Low fuel consumption - approx. 3 l / h (depending on working conditions)
Easy maintenance


Hydraulic adjustment of bumper
Hydraulic and pneumatic shock absorption system when the tipper approaches to the bumper
Soft contact with tipper body - also large tippers
No overloads, no collisions, no risk of machine damage
High comfort and operation safety

Suitable adapter plates for different carriers

for loaders
for three-point hitch of a large tractors
for graders
for wheeled excavator
for individual hydraulic lifts

Additional equipment

Spreading blade vibrator - uniform spreading of material at higher widths
Rear disk brush - replaces a single additional worker
Operator station with safe and ergonomic seat
Intuitive control panel separated from the hydraulics (easy and fast installation).

High quality

The whole machine frame sandblasted
Professional painting with two zinc primers and RAL-3020 top coat
All components of leading manufacturers
Quality control on each production stage

is leading european producer of the road wideners. We have sold over 200 machines in whole Europe, both to large construction companies and small private companies. We also provide engineering consultancy to select the machine optimally matched for the client needs. References available on request. We invite you to visit HYDROG factory and presonaly see the machines in different production stages.

Road widener