Road shoulder cutters (millers)

HYDROG SP-1200 shoulder cutters are intended for cutting and shaping road shoulders to enable effective flow of water into the ditch. Shoulder cutters work in conjunction with agricultural tractors with power above 110 hp and speeds from 300 to 350 m / h, mounted on the rear 3-point hitch. Conveyor belt is additionally supported on the front frame of the tractor.

HYDROG SP-1200 shoulder cutter mounted on the rear 3-point hitch.

Drive hydraulic from own independent hydraulic system, powered by the PTO of tractor
Transfer of power telescopic shaft
Cutting width adjustable in the range of: od 500 do 1.200 mm (1.250 mm)
Cutting depth infinitely adjustable - up to 150 mm
Performance up to 100 m3 / h
Loading of excavated material on load-carrying body conveyor belt
Control from the tractors cab
Equipment cutting wheel, plate profiling the edge of cutted shoulder , positioning wheel
Weight of the shoulder cutter without conveyor 1.800 kg
Weight of the shoulder cutter with conveyor 2.150 kg

Excavated material is transported by conveyor belt into a trailer which is towed in front of the set.

Control from the drivers cabin. Rotation of auger which transports excavated material onto the conveyor belt, profiling plate, conveyor belt and width and depth adjustment are provided by power hydraulics.

Independent hydraulic system of shoulder cutter is connected (via telescopic shaft and mechanical gears) and driven from the tractor PTO shaft. The tractor hydraulic system is only used for changing of cutting head position from the transport to working position as well as for adjusting of the cutting width and avoiding obstacles such as trees, pistils and road signs. The positioning wheel ensures a constant working height of the auger relative to the ground and makes it easier to control the device (mechanical control).

The cutting auger mills the ground of the road shoulders and moves it onto the charging device which place the excavated material on the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt moves it further onto a trailer or truck body.

The cutting width and depth is hydraulically infinitely adjustable. Working performance of the machine depends on the road shoulder height, required width and the soil type, the truck body volume, etc. Depending on the above mentioned parameters work performance of shoulder cutter amounts to 1600 m/h, while cubic capacity of excavated material amounts up to 100 m3/h.

Hydraulic valves of auger and charging device are electrically controlled which allows to change the working direction in case of blocking, for example by a big stone. After the operation is done, the milling head is raised into the transport position.

The tractor must fulfill the following requirements:
power above 110 hp, the minimum speed below 300 m / h, shaft rotation: 1000 obr/min, two dual action hydraulic dividers.

Additional equipment:

  • The rear cylindrical brush for sweeping the road surface

Road shoulder cutters (millers)