Cracksealing machines 40l

Hydrog ZSK-40 Cracksealing machines

Zalewarka Hydrog ZSK-40

Intended use:
• Sealing bitumen mastic structure edges with bituminous crack and joint sealant, bitumen, etc.
• Joints between bitumen mastic strips.
• Filling joint gaps in roads, airports, bridges and flyovers
• Repair of bituminous and concrete pavement cracks
• Sealing tram induction loops etc.

Principle of operation:
Pourable sealant or other bitumen is heated to the working temperature indirectly by the exhaust gases from the main burner supplied with a propane - butane gas cylinder. The temperature inside the tank can be controlled and maintained up to 220˚C. Heated bitumen in liquid state, after manual opening of the dosing nozzle is transported through the drain pipe heated with the burner into the joint or the edge.
Machine operation is easy thanks to the chassis equipped with road wheels and the lever on the steering arm for outlet opening. Tank with additional manual mixer and bitumen mastic temperature gauge.

Technical data:

  • Pourable sealant tank capacity: 40 l (approx. 45 kg)
  • Filling machine weight without cylinder 95 kg
  • Fuel: propane-butane
  • Dimensions: 1,260 x 550 x 1,020 mm
  • Bitumen mastic working temperature range up to 240 °C

Standard equipment:

  • gas cylinder 11 kg, propane - butane,
  • mastic temperature gauge,
  • main burner under the tank + auxiliary burner,
  • edge filling module,
  • lane joint module.

Cracksealing machines 40l