Chip spreader for road surface dressing

  • Chip spreader RPU-3000 forms together with emulsion sprinkler the set for performing the road maintenance treatments so-called road surfaces dressing „emulsion + chipping”.

  • Tank of the spreader is on an ongoing basis filled by tipper body.

  • Chip is spreaded by a rotating, rifled roll located below the aggregate tank.

  • Spreading width is adjusted with leap 250 mm by the operator - pneumatically.

  • Drive of the shaft is carried out from support wheels of the spreader.

  • Mounting to the sprinkler is done by towbar (emulsion sprinkler shall be equipped with a hitch).

  • Spreader is equipped with two platforms for operators - on the right and left side of the machine.

  • The machine can be transported by truck - emulsion sprinkler on dedicated trailer (optional).

Aggregate tank volume 1,7 m3
Aggregate size up to 31 mm
Spreading width 0,25 – 3,00 m
Spreading width adjusting gradual every 250 mm
Method of adjustment pneumatic actuators on particular sections
Actuators power supply from pneumatic system of sprinkler
Drive of the shaft from the spreader wheels
Support wheels on both sides – pneumatic tyred
Dimensions (L*W*H) 2900 x 3300 x 2000 mm
Weight 1500 kg

Chip spreader Hydrog RPU-3000 during a trial start-up.

Chip spreader for road surface dressing